Pick a Side

imageWes lived with us.  He had his dog with him.  You took and bred his dog and left me to tend to the puppies and find them homes.  I fell in love with Pitch and kept her.  We had Faust, from my previous marriage.  That was it.  For quite a few years, that was it.  I had Pitch spayed so she wouldn’t have a litter and then turn mean as many pit-bull moms do.  Faust had to be put down.  He was old. He grew up with Ralphie.  He had grown aggressive towards other animals and was found to have a lump pointing to cancer.  You wanted Chihuahuas. You brought home ChiChi, then you brought home Paco and then you brought home Jefe. Jefe got parvo but we saved him. You bred ChiChi and kept Booger. You wanted a white Pitt, but got got Domino who was black and white so you got Daisy on the way home with Domino. Damn. You really wanted a blue one so you got Hennessey. Domino died from Parvo. Booger got parvo but CYNTHIA and I saved him. I moved out and took Daisy with me. You gave ChiChi away. You gave Booger away. She gave ChiChi back. Hennessey killed ChiChi. You gave Hennessey away. You got Dusa. Dusa killed Paco. You got rid of Jefe. Pitch, who was born in that house some 12 years ago, has been part of our family since birth, grew up with Devon, and who cannot live anywhere else, was attacked by Dusa. You got rid of Pitch. You got rid of dogs you wanted at one time and replaced them with new dogs. You treat your pets like you treat your friends like you treat your family.  You abandon them on a whim or when they stop obeying you or they challenge your stupidity or you want something new and you replace them with a more trainable or obedient version. During all of this, Devon’s dog CoCo that your father got him, after you killed his Guinne-Pig with heat stroke, you know the dog you were supposed to take to the vet to be spayed but didn’t, was breeding with the other dogs, having litter after litter after litter, all of them dying every time, save one, from parvo and you still never got her fixed. Her last litter, you brought to my house with her pups and dumped them all on me. Not one of them died. They all went to good homes. Although I haven’t had her fixed, she has not had any more litters. No one in my home has died from parvo and you are still breeding and replacing dogs and watching them die from the parvovirus that your trailer and yard is infested with.

cfeb8130737617efd78c850f91eaa621JB took Pitch in and last I heard, she was doing well.  What is wrong with you?  Why did you do that to JB?  He’s been a friend to us both for a long time.  “Pitch got put in her place”?…Pitch…who was born in that house nearly 12 years ago…Pitch who can’t live anywhere else…she “got put in her place” by the new dog, the killer dog, and then abandoned just like all the other dogs you have gotten, and you were mad at JB for telling me how Pitch was doing and saying how he felt about the event.  of course you did.  He didn’t feel the way you wanted him to feel about it.  How dare he have his own opinion on something that differs from yours.  How dare he talk to me when he is your friend.  You were successful.  I no longer have any way to find out how Pitch is doing.  JB no longer replies to my texts or calls or anything else.  You don’t allow him to talk to me and if you caught him talking to me, you would verbally assault him again and kick him back to the curb for being disobedient and having an opinion different than your own.  You can have him.  As far as I’m concerned, anyone who allows another person to control him and order him around and tell him what he is allowed to feel and who he is allowed to talk to, especially one that’s not feeding him, fucking him nor paying his bills, is weak and lacks the courage to stand up for himself.  I feel for the guy for being victimized and abused by you but I don’t need those kind of people in my life anyway.  Its too bad that your forcing of everyone to pick sides or kick rocks if they didn’t take your side has made it impossible to find a third party, mutual friend, that’ll supervise your visits with your son which leaves you no other option but to pay Catholic Community Services $25 for a one hour visit up to three times a week along with any visits that are arranged outside of the supervised visits.

imageYou no-showed on that one too and you didn’t even have to pay for it.  What’s your excuse for abandoning your child on Christmas Day, when he had been looking forward to the visit we discussed and planned in front of your “Father/Son” therapy Therapist?  Should I make sure Devon no-shows at the next therapy session?  I wouldn’t do that.  I want him to tell you exactly what he felt and thinks about you not taking time out from your really busy alcohol and pot use schedule to see him for Christmas.  He was waiting for you to arrive and time went by until the end of the visit and you never showed nor called.  There was no excuse for that.  We planned that ahead of time.  Devon was expecting you.  There’s so much he wanted to talk to you about and tell you about.  If you aren’t going to show at the visits that are arranged outside of the supervised visitation place, then I’m not going to continue to arrange them.  It’s a waste of my time making the arrangements that you plan to no-show at.  It hurts Devon when he is expecting you and you no-show.  For Devon’s peace of mind and my time, it’s best I don’t make anymore arrangements.  He’s had enough let-downs by you.  I still have to tell him that you are not going to attend anymore supervised visits.  That means you have no plans to visit him at all.  So, the things he wanted to tell you, he told another but the other is not his dad nor is he trying to be because you are his dad and no one can replace you in his eyes.  Actually, you’re no dad at all.  Alas, he will learn as all the others did that he doesn’t need you.  He has me and that’s all he needs.  My six children and I have created a bond that cannot be broken this time and not one of us need you in any way, shape, or form.

I got this.




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