How Coincidental

A week ago, I wrote “Pick a Side”.  The article took on a life of it’s own and went a direction I hadn’t intended it to go, but that happens to me all the time and I’ve learned my writing is better when I just go with the flow and digress from one topic to another than to try to force it to go a certain direction.  I attempt to plan ahead what i will be writing about, but in reality, I never know what I’m going to write until my fingers hit the keyboard.  I’m already digressing.

In the evening, I let the dogs in because it is too cold outside for them.  Daisy is a deaf white pitt. She is one of the dogs mentioned in “Pick a Side”.  She’s adorable and sweet.  She doesn’t jump or run off.  In the evening of the day I published the article, I opened the back door to let the dogs in as I always do.  Normally, Daisy is there waiting but she wasn’t that evening.  If she’s sleeping, I have to touch her to wake her because she can’t hear me if I call her.  I went to wake her, but she wasn’t here.  She wasn’t anywhere around the house.  My wonderful boyfriend went out in the neighborhood for about an hour or more, in the freezing cold, middle of the night, to look for her.  He is amazing.  He could not find her.  I checked the gate and it was closed.  Where she went and how she got out remains a mystery.  I’ve had several other mysterious occurances with the pets around here.  It was suspicious, especially considering  had just published that article and she had never gotten out before.  I notified the authoritie in case she was located and posted all over Facebook that she was missing.  Then, I went to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke to multiple messages in multiple forms as well as a couple of phone calls.  Daisy had been found around the corner from home.  I went and picked her up from town.  The woman who found her had to go to work and had a friend tend to Daisy for me until I could get her.  I was very happy to see her and she was happy to hop in the truck and go home.  I love a happy ending.  Who doesn’t?

Later on that evening, Pitchfork returned home to where she was born.  She is the black and white pitt in the photo in the other post.  She is the old dog that was replaced by the new dog.  He decided, coincendently I’m sure, (that is me being sarcastic), to pick her up and bring her home.  He posted the news all over his Facebook.  There was nothing subtle about that.  The man that had her, the one who was forced to pick a side and picked his side, probably regrets his decision.  The story being told is that he abandoned Pitch in the desert.  I did see him try to defend himself.  He said he did not abandon her, that he fed and watered her every day.  He was sht down, his comments removed, and then discarded, just like Pitch had been.  Pitch was retrieved to save face and JB would have dispelled of the lie so he had to be discarded.  That’s my theory anyway.

I had to write this update.  How odd that the those two incidences occured right after I published the article about the pets.

Good night all.


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