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Angel Merito September 21, 1995 1lb, 2oz, 13″ Time on Earth: 3 min.

January 13, 1996:  Angel Merito* was due to be born.  Unfortunately, God decided he needed Angel more than I did and took him from my womb and the Earth on September 21, 1995.


Daralee Ann Olson December 2, 1977 ~~~~~~to~~~~~~ January 13, 2000 Time on Earth: 22 years, one month, one week, four days.

January 13, 2000:  Daralee Olson** was called upon by the Lord to leave us and join him in Heaven.  At 22 years old, the world wasn’t ready to let her go yet, but she was ready to answer God’s call.

Do you think Dara and Angel sit around and visit and chat about us down here?  I think she looks after Angel for me as I have looked after he children for her.  I would like to think it works that way.  Perhaps their souls are scheduled for rebirth if they haven’t been reborn already.  I think they have been watching us and intervening where necessary to help get everything back where it belongs.

IMG_16123307975018January 13, 2015:  Lorenzo was due to be born and join us but somebody (I won’t name any names) got impatient and he joined us on January 7.  How better than to start off the new year, and our new lives, than with a new baby?  He is the most beautiful baby in all of Texas.

Did you know that 7 is a lucky number?  It’s not just an urban legend.  Devon was number 7 on the football team that won every single game, when he was 7 years old.

Now, if baby Violet would join us today, she would make an excellent addition to the list of people to celebrate today.

When we look at today, let’s look at it with joy and happiness.  Look at the amazing things about what this day is.  Look at the good that came out of the bad.

c12573e30cc492696a545f3f5777b95dThis is a day that should be celebrated and not mourned.  Only a handful of us continue to remember a certain day in our lives and relive the pain of that day every year, but this year will be different.  We will celebrate that day because although we had a loss, heaven had a gain and it was our loved one that was chosen and that is something to celebrate.

God has a way of washing away our sorrows and replacing them with joy.

John 16 Good News Translation (GNT)

20 I am telling you the truth: you will cry and weep, but the world will be glad; you will be sad, but your sadness will turn into gladness. 

~Mel, Saved by God’s Grace.

*I experienced a placental abruption, which began as a small tear around week 12 and gradually increased to a full placental abruption.  A full abruption is when the placenta completely detaches from the lining of the uterus.  The abruption led to preterm labor which, naturally, resulted in premature birth. The membranes never ruptured, Angel was born inside the sac, everything intact.  Asphyxiation occurred causing the inevitable, death.  This had an enormous impact on me.  I believe this was the beginning of the end of what was once a wonderful marriage.  Plans to grow old together disintegrated.  This is the point in my life where I got lost.  I got angry.  I cursed God.  I threw away my Faith.  I had no hope.  I wanted to be dead.  I lived without feeling as best I could.  The pain was unbearable.  No mother should ever have to experience the adventure of burying her own child.  It was the last time I cried until I was saved by God’s Grace.  Read “Detour” for more on this topic.  This is the first time I have shared his photograph to the world.  I’ve always feared people would misuse it.  I hope they don’t but the world needs to see how beautiful he was.

**Daralee Olson became a type one diabetic after the birth of her third child, who is my second son, Johnny.  The illness struck hard and fast and in less than a year after giving birth, she fell into a coma and passed away due to complications which arose from the diabetes.  I cannot get into detail as I do not have the full story and I do not want to tell it incorrectly.  I was blessed with the opportunity to step into her shoes and care for her children.  I wasn’t perfect, but I did the best I could with what I had at the time.  I do miss our late-night talks as she snuck up to the store where I worked for a candy bar she wasn’t allowed to have and a chat with me for a while after everyone else at home had gone to sleep.  She would be very proud of her children today.  I now her momma misses her as I miss mine.  We will all be reunited again when it is time.

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