The Value of Tears and the Truth About Crying.

The Value of Tears and the Truth About Crying.

I want to cry.

I want to cry so hard that there is no water left anywhere in my body, and I want to cry to the point that I just collapse from lack of having anything left.

I want to cry so much that all the emotions I have can pour out of my eyes so that I will never have to feel anything again.

Why? Because tears are the only emotional form that is real. Tears are the only thing that anyone can understand, see, or touch. When someone is crying, no one has to ask what they’re feeling, or to explain anything, because tears speak for themselves. Other emotions/ emotional forms get in the way.

For example, you can love someone so many different ways. You can love someone while they think you hate them, you can love someone that will never know. You can love someone that will never love you in return, or someone can love you while you don’t love them. But what is love? I mean, really? A word. People have tried to describe it, and guess what…they can’t.

What about happiness? Has anyone ever experienced true and pure happiness? If they did, would they know how to explain it to anyone? Would anyone else care or understand? No one knows, and no one ever will. That’s the problem with emotions, everyone has them, but that doesn’t mean they can share them, explain them, describe them, or even understand them.

Depression and apathy are probably the hardest emotions of all to explain or express. Why? Because with depression, at least as it’s been in my case – you don’t understand anything. All you know is that you are either feeling so low you think you won’t ever get out of it again, or, you feel nothing at all, which can scare you over time. But that doesn’t mean depression is all bad. Sometimes, it’s really very appreciated, because you can just let yourself go, and just distance yourself from the world. Just because you live in the world doesn’t mean you have to always be a part of it. Some of the best exploration is done in the mind, and if no one else ever understands that or experiences it, it’s fine.

People get very wrapped up in trying to explain what they feel. The want other people to know, other people to understand. They think that because humans all have emotions, than if they express theirs, someone out there will want to tell them they feel the same way. You can try and deny that all you want, but I don’t care, because its absolutely true.

But yet people also make fun, or make light of the fact that someone is crying, especially when it comes to males. Why? Easy – because they know that for once, someone can make all their emotions perfectly clear. If the tears are for pain, it’s apparent. Sorrow, despair, shock, its all very tangible. Even tears of joy…Tears speak more than words ever could.

Crying is the body’s way of making what it’s feeling inside known, and there is nothing wrong with that, I don’t care what anyone says.

But I want to cry – not to show – but to rid myself of emotions, because all I’ve found is that emotions can do nothing but cause more problems when someone doesn’t understand. Yes, even I get wrapped up in wanting people to understand me, even though I maybe shouldn’t be so concerned with that.

But…if you find someone that can understand you, even for a moment…hold on to that. Maybe you can both appreciate the value of tears and crying together.

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