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I have been writing.  It’s a little larger of a part of my story than I normally post.  It all has to come out at the same time.  I’m hoping tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.  I’m compiling data for the slide shows now and there have been a couple of big events that I need to log now.  It is my hopes, that with the release of information that’ll be revealed in the next day or so, that people will open their eyes and stop and think before they pass along the latest piece of gossip.  You gossipers are killing people and you don’t even realize it.  #LoveAndCompassion folks.  It only takes a few people to spread a disease to the entire town.  Why not spread love and compassion?  #LOVEchangesPEOPLE.

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Excerpt from my upcoming piece:

A week or two later, he moved out.  I had no idea what I was about to get hit with.  I had no idea he had already been badmouthing me to my children and everyone else he came into contact with.  I had no idea he had been threatening and buying off my daughter to keep her mouth shut about what he had done to her for so many years.  I had no idea he was getting ready to launch the nastiest, dirtiest smear campaign against me and that his lies would spread so fast and so far that no one even knew where they originated from and eventually, everyone believed it all.  Only once has anyone contacted me to ask me if there was any truth to the rumors or truth in what John was telling others.  They simply believed all his lies, no questions asked.

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