Be a True Hero

This one comes from my youngest son. He is a True Hero. He stands up for all that's right and just in this world.
He helps others in need without expecting anything in return. He picks a side and defends the meak and mild.
I am so very proud of him. <3

In the beginning, I was weak; no one cared about me.
I’m still having a rough life but i decided to help others whether or not they asked.
At first, I gave up because after then I was treated like shit:  killed multiple times, hated, ignored.
But, I’m no peasant.  I’m their Hero: a True Hero.
I don’t care anymore about being called shit, a mistake, nothing.
So, ask yourself, will you be a true hero to others or just the one
who watches their struggles to play a game and have fun?
But, one, I will be their to help when needed or not.
For I want to be a TrueHero.

Devon Livingston
March 29, 2015

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