Find Yourself, Don’t Change Yourself

Dont changeDo not change who you are; that is not how it works.
Who you are is who you have always been.
Who you are is who he fell in love with; he remembers You.

Somewhere along the way; you have forgotten You;
gone astray; gotten lost; been misplaced; been hidden;
buried yourself under the heap of rubbish you have not let go of.

You’ve focused on the ugly for so long that you’ve become blinded by it;
you’ve become unable to see all of the beauty in the midst of the tragedies.
You have not chosen to accept, embrace, and live all of life’s adventures.

Dig way down deep into your gut; beneath all the sorrow;
beneath all the pain; beneath all the tragedy;
beneath all that weighs heavily on your mind and on your heart.

Right there, underneath all the clutter, lies your core.
It is there; in the center of your core; that you will find You;
yourself; your true self; your beautiful beautiful soul.

That is who you are.  That is who you have always been.
You got sidetracked by the monsters whose purpose it is…
to keep you from the path which leads you to the light.

Now that you’ve found yourself, throw away all the rubbish;
Open your eyes and see the beauty where the rubbish once was;
the beauty that was hidden by the rubbish you were hoarding.

That is who You are.
Stop carrying the clutter with you through time.  Put it behind you and leave it there.
There is no need to change yourself.  
All you need to is to find yourself.

Forever with Love and Compassion,
Guided by His Grace,


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