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Not too long ago, I wrote about how I met God. I promise you I have not gone insane.  I this to be true due to the fact that I question my own sanity on a regular basis.  I wrote that I had been shown my purpose and that my purpose is to help guide others through their rough adventures in life when they are following a path I once followed.  My purpose partially explains why I had to suffer.  God knew I could handle it.  I didn’t even believe he existed.  I denied him, but he stayed with me regardless.  Everything I have experienced has given me another outlook on life, both the bad and the good times.  I have a new understanding now.  I understand that it is necessary for all of us to experience the bad things in life, the ugly which most people ignore on purpose.  It’s necessary so that we don’t take life for granted.  You do not appreciate things the same way that you do when you work hard for them.

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My purpose is to guide others in the direction they are meant to go and to show them how to protect themselves from the evil that exists in this world. I have not had to go out and look for people in trouble or advertise to get people that need help so that I could help them.  During my regular day, I simply run across the paths of those that need something.  My gut tells me that God has placed them there.  The gut never lies.  The gut is the soul and God speaks to us through our soul.  The knowledge I find that I have to guide them properly does not come from formal schooling, it comes from experience, from God, and from Grace.  Not the kind of Grace as in God’s Grace, but the person Grace, who is a fellow writer here.  When I first started blogging, I met her on another writers page, who seemed to be lost or confused about what is really right and what is really wrong in this world. He appears to enjoy living in blissful ignorance like most people do.  I don’t blame him or anyone else.  The ugliness of the world is hard to look at, let alone accept as the reality that it is.  It isn’t easy to do the right thing when the crowd is doing the wrong thing.

Not many people have what it takes to stand against the ugly as a lone soldier against the world.  Grace has it.  The Broken have it.  When I met Grace, I did something out of character for me.  I jumped in and spoke up when it appeared to me she was being chastised, or so you could call it that. I call it verbally assaulted but to each his own. I can’t really say out of character, as I’ve done that before, but that was in my childhood prior to the loss of my faith.  I don’t know if I helped Grace that day or if I’ve helped Grace since that day, but I do know that Grace helps me every day, whether she realizes it or not.

Hey Grace!

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Grace was running a Love and Compassion campaign at the time.  She asked her readers something like, “What if Love was trending and Compassion went viral?”  She inspired me to continue to use her hashtag, #LoveChangesPeople and also to think about it more in depth.  Love does change people.  Anger changes people.  Hard times and good times both change people.  Everything changes people.  Everything you say or do affects and changes the people around you.  Well, not changes them but causes them to either cover up who they are or reveal who they are.  We are always the same at the core of our being but the core of our being gets buried by the crap that we cling to and refuse to let go of because it’s all we’ve ever known and letting go would mean change and change is a scary thing since it’s venturing off into the unknown.  I’ve recently been reading a lot of Proverbs in the Bible and amazingly enough anything and everything you need to know about life and how to live it right is in Proverbs. Even Grace’s hashtag, #LoveChangesPeople, is there.

Proverbs 16:24

Kind words are like honey—sweet to the taste and good for your health.

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I’ll just move right into the next Proverbs I wanted to share.

Proverbs 18

Words Kill, Words Give Life

Loners who care only for themselves
    spit on the common good.

Fools care nothing for thoughtful discourse;
    all they do is run off at the mouth.

When wickedness arrives, shame’s not far behind;
    contempt for life is contemptible.

Many words rush along like rivers in flood,
    but deep wisdom flows up from artesian springs.

It’s not right to go easy on the guilty,
    or come down hard on the innocent.

The words of a fool start fights;
    do him a favor and gag him.

Fools are undone by their big mouths;
    their souls are crushed by their words.

Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy;
    do you really want junk like that in your belly?

Slack habits and sloppy work
    are as bad as vandalism.

10 God’s name is a place of protection—
    good people can run there and be safe.

11 The rich think their wealth protects them;
    they imagine themselves safe behind it.

12 Pride first, then the crash,
    but humility is precursor to honor.

13 Answering before listening
    is both stupid and rude.

14 A healthy spirit conquers adversity,
    but what can you do when the spirit is crushed?

15 Wise men and women are always learning,
    always listening for fresh insights.

16 A gift gets attention;
    it buys the attention of eminent people.

17 The first speech in a court case is always convincing—
    until the cross-examination starts!

18 You may have to draw straws
    when faced with a tough decision.

19 Do a favor and win a friend forever;
    nothing can untie that bond.

20 Words satisfy the mind as much as fruit does the stomach;
    good talk is as gratifying as a good harvest.

21 Words kill, words give life;
    they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.

22 Find a good spouse, you find a good life—
    and even more: the favor of God!

23 The poor speak in soft supplications;
    the rich bark out answers.

24 Friends come and friends go,
    but a true friend sticks by you like family.

Everything you say and do affects everyone around you.  People watch people.  It’s what we do.  Children watch people.  It’s how they learn.  Where ever you are and whatever you’re doing, you should always act as a good example for those around you to follow.  Do you smile when you watch another do a good deed?  I know I do.  It inspires me to do a good deed.  If you read everything I’ve written, then you may have read my idea about infecting the world with love.  If we can spread hate, then we most certainly can spread love.  That’s my purpose; to spread love.  That’s how I help others.  I’m becoming a very good warrior.  I have been able to maintain balance and focus.  I have been firm where I need to be firm and soft where I need to be soft.  I never yell and I get my point across.  One thing I do not tolerate these days is abuse or negativity.  I do not allow it in my home.  The people in my home are there to heal and they feel safe.  You cannot heal if you do not feel safe.

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Those who I have interacted with to help and have left my life already are on their paths.  They found the root of their pain and were able to yank it out and throw it away and get on the path to healing.  They are on the way to their faith, to meet God, to have their pains washed away by his Grace and to be given their purpose.  I talk with God on a regular basis now.  I argued a little with him yesterday.  I believe we have an understanding.  God isn’t what the majority make him out to be.   It cannot be explained.  You have to live it yourself to understand it.  It feels really good to be fulfilling my purpose.  I feel as if I’m finally doing what I’ve always been meant to do.  I am human.  I am not perfect.  My way is not the right way nor the wrong way.  It’s simply my way, the way I feel God has directed me to work.  His plans for everyone are not the same.  We are all different.  He created us.  He knows that more than anyone.  There are many right ways.  Enough for everyone to have their own.  We each just have to find ours.  Life isn’t supposed to be easy.  You’re supposed to suffer so you learn to appreciate life itself.  You have to go through the darkness to get to the light.

Find your path and fulfill your purpose.

All my Love,

Mel, Saved by God’s Grace.
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