Never Again

You found my heart.
You taught me to love and trust again.

You awoke a passion in me which I never knew existed.
Your touch took me places I’d never been.


I’d never known Love and Passion as I knew it with you.
Never did I imagine it could be so strong.

You crushed my heart.
You taught me to guard my heart again.

You awoke a rage in me that should’ve never existed.
Your words showed me a pain which I never knew possible.


I’d never known Rage and Pain as I know it with you.
Never did I imagine it could go so wrong.

You did this.
You let me fall for you,
then you failed to catch me.
I will never be okay again.
I always feel pain thinking of you.
There is no going back from this;
there is no repairing the damage.


I shall take a break from the world.
I shall curl up in my bed and that is where I shall stay.

That is where I am safe from the heart-breakers and the monsters of the world.


Never again, I promise me. Never again will I allow myself to fall or to trust.

Keep my heart. I don’t need it anymore.


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