Nothing left in life to do but die.

He was my rock;
The only thing left in my life that was solid;
The only thing left that kept me sane after everything else had been lost,
Then I lost him;
The one anchor I had left,
The one I love and gave everything I am to;
Or at least, what was left of me after a devastating hit to all that I once was,
I lost my rock. I lost myself.
Silence and loneliness sinks way down deep and there is no cure.
Nothing can stop the tears from flowing.
Nothing can ease the pain.
It’s not just the pain of losing him,
but of all the losses that led up to that day and followed that day.
I gave all of me and all my love but my love wasn’t enough.
My love hasn’t been enough for many things lately.
I only see one way out.
I search for reasons to stay and find none.
Loneliness eats away your soul.
In the world where you have nothing left and no one left what reason is there to continue?
The only thing left in life to do is die.


Categories: Tragedy

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