Shelter Me

He called me “Dream Girl” and said I was his shelter.

He also said….:-)  He had two songs he’d listen to that he said were for me.

We have a lot in common.  I’ll never forget the first conversation we had.  He asked me if I was a Chevy girl or a Ford girl.  I said Chevy, of course.  He said right answer.  It seemed he was always testing me to see if I had the right answer, same answer as his or the wrong answer, different than his.  It was like a game and I enjoyed it. Over time, I fell deeply in love with him.  At first, I’d say I love you and he’d say I love you more.  Now I say I love you more and he doesn’t even utter the word.  How do you go from being completely in love in the morning to walking out the door and never looking back in the evening?  I don’t understand it.  We never argued about anything.  Problems can be talked about and worked through.  Just to up and walk out without saying one word, who does that and why?  Don’t they know the pain they cause the one they leave behind?  Do they care? How do you let go of something so important to you that without it, you don’t want to live?  How do you stop loving somebody?  I can’t let go. I can’t stop loving him, missing him, and crying over him.  Pathetic, I tell ya.

His song for Heather?  Used to love her…

How do you go from hating somebody in the morning to loving him/her in the evening?

How in the world am I now the “Wack job”, when we never even had a fight or issues and she is now his girlfriend?  Why couldn’t he tell me the truth way back when this all started?  It makes no sense.

BUT…At the end of the day, after all is said and done, I am still completely in love with him and want to be with him.  I had a song for him too. I’ll put it up shortly.

Now I have a new song for him.

Make that two new songs. This being number one.

I miss him. I love him. How do I let go when I don’t even understand what just happened?

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