write hard and clear about what hurts

A little something about me….


I’m recently divorced.  When I was about ten years old, my parents divorced.  I found it to be quite traumatic under the circumstances.  I never saw it coming.  My Daddy tells it a little differently, but we all have our own perspective of things.  During that time, the way I dealt with everything I was feeling, is I wrote.  I wrote about everything and I wrote about nothing.  Writing my story is one of the ways I am dealing with all that has happened and continues to happen.

Here I am, in the midst of a traumatic event that puts my parents divorce on the ‘that’s just part of life list’.  What I am dealing with is not just part of life.  It erases part of my life.  My marriage was a farce.  Nothing was real.  I imagine this is how it feels waking up from a coma when one word after another intil its doneyou realize you can’t remember last decade, but worse.  In this case, you remember it, but most of it was based on nothing but lies.  I am writing again.  My Little Corner of the WWW is where I write about anything and nothing.  No More Silence, both here at WordPress and at Jigsy, is where I am writing my story.  Writing my story helps put everything into perspective.  It’s helping me to see what I did not see before.  It is all so surreal.




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