Truth Seeking :

How I Found the Light and was Saved by God’s Grace

 Written by Mel, based on true life experience

How I Met God:

Meeting God and Understanding my Purpose

Written by Mel, based on true life experience


July 19, 2009
Rev. Taft Quincey Heatley
Acts 9:1-9

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?” Maybe you found yourself in a place where you shouldn’t be and you asked yourself that question. Maybe you found yourself in a bad relationship and somewhere down the line, you come to your senses. You go through life using this trial and error method trying to find your life’s purpose. We all have a purpose. There is a reason why we live. There is a reason why we exist. There is a reason God allows you to wake up every morning whether you know your purpose or not. Why are you here? Find the answer to that question before it finds

In the text, Saul was persecuting those who were followers of the Way. However, something happened that literally changed Saul’s life. Jesus came to him as a light from Heaven to tell him that he was persecuting Him as he persecuted His people. Soon we came to know the Apostle Paul who was formerly Saul. Paul taught us how to pray in the spirit. Paul encouraged us to stand. Paul informed us of the strength Christ provides. Before he was Paul, he was a murderer named Saul. That shows us that God can look beyond our past to put us on the path to divine purpose.

The truth of the matter is most of us are like Saul and not Paul. We have a Saul syndrome. Saul thought he was doing what God wanted. He was delusional. He was one of the Pharisees who placed themselves above the Jews. They felt their power was threatened so Saul went after the Christians. He didn’t realize that he would later become one of them. Sometimes we are delusional concerning our outlook on life. We use a skewed methodology to find our purpose. We like to tell God our purpose and destiny expecting Him to make it happen. We need to seek God first and ask him our purpose and destiny. It is delusional to think we know better than God.

We live our lives as if we were like traveling on the highway 285. If you continue to travel on 285 without knowing where you need to go, you will go around and around in circles. You need to ask God for directions so that you can get to the right place and stop going in circles. He always puts you back on the right path if you humble yourself enough to ask for direction. Luke 15:11-32 As we go through life not knowing where we should go, we get off path. However, God always welcomes us back by the blood of Jesus. You have grace and mercy on your side. Are you willing to admit that you haven’t always taken the right path? Are you willing to admit you have been delusional? Saul was delusional until he received direction. Jesus met him on the road to Damascus. Before we even find out what our purpose is, we have to die not a physical death but a humble death of submission. Saul wasn’t in a position of obedience but he was in a position of humility. He was knocked down. When he met Jesus, he had to die to self.

You go through life thinking its all about you. When you have that mentality, you are delusional. What is the very thing that you know needs to die in your life right now so that you can get back on the right path? What is it that God has already killed but you keep going back to it? It is not all about you. Your life doesn’t belong to you. You have to die on a daily basis. While we were yet sinners Christ died for us. We have been brought near by the blood of the Lamb. Saul had to die before he became the Apostle Paul.

God wants you to be free to fly high in Him. Something in us must die. So kill it in the name of Jesus. It is only when that death occurs, that you will really understand that you must depend on God. Saul had no choice but to depend on God to get him to the right place because he became blind. The other Pharisees sought to destroy Paul because found a new belief system. Yet, Paul continued on the right path despite the obstacles of persecution. When you walk in divine purpose, not everything will be easy. You will have a different perspective on life. You will have a third eye that will open up wisdom and revelation. Not everybody will praise you for your new path. Those who used to walk with you will now rise up against you. They were comfortable when you were on the wrong path. However, your new direction the light will shine on them. You may have to stand alone but be of good cheer because Jesus is with you. Family may forsake you but Jesus will always be right there. Psalm 27:10

God will put you in situations to make you understand He is all you need. It is God keeping you. He has not left you. Have you ever been down in a deep dark place? God was still with you. Stop being delusional and get on the path to divine purpose. He is a dependable God. You have to be in the divine will of God to be protected by His grace and mercy. When you fast and pray and put down the physical, the spiritual elevates itself. It is then you recognize the power with which you are working. Jeremiah 29:13 We all have a purpose. Seek God for your purpose. You won’t find it if you do not submit yourself to God. If you don’t know Jesus, you aren’t in your divine purpose. When you aren’t in your divine purpose, you aren’t protected by God’s grace and mercy when mess happens. Grace, means you get the favor that you don’t deserve. Mercy, means you don’t get the punishment you deserve. Stop living in God’s mercy and live in His grace.


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