Healing Hands of AZ

Healing Hands of Arizona is a non-profit organization.
Working towards obtaining 501(c)3 status from the IRS.
Overview:  We are here to guide, support and fight for the spouses and children of a child sexual abuser.

Description:  Of all the charities; of all the assistance programs, both private and public; of all the issues around the world people address, discuss and educate on; there is one- that through personal experience we have learned- appears to have been swept under the rug – SILENCED. We are here to lift up that rug and expose, clean, and educate a small portion of that gap in today’s society.

That silent issue – long term domestic violence and sexual abuse.

We will do everything we can to guide others through the recovery process, to help them take back their power and become independent, self-reliant WARRIORS.


We are not professionals on paper. We are not licensed nor certified. What we are is-EXPERIENCED! Some of us have been there, some of us are still there and all of us will fight with you!

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